Bio - Photography By Anthony Nowack
I picked up a camera as a hobbyist back in 2003 during a contentious divorce as a productive release. I was quickly drawn to the more experimental aspects of the medium. I constructed tiny make-shift studios in my house, used a bathroom as a darkroom, and harassed friends to be a part of projects where I tried to take my very limited resources and make art that would say something meaningful. My success with that was...varied, but it taught me how to be creative with what I had and taught me a lot about getting photos in some pretty tough circumstances.

I started taking photos of bands at local bars and clubs and I found something that really clicked. It was such a challenge with the low lighting and movement to get anything presentable. But when I got it, it was everything I loved. Music and emotion and color in a image. I dove into it headfirst and got into as many shows as I could. Bands I had listened to all my life and some I'd never heard of. After shooting in the small bars I quickly acclimated to the larger venues with their big stages, FOH (Front Of House) pit areas, and amazing lighting setups. I mostly kept around Grand Rapids but traveled to shoot things like the Rothbury festival, Land Of Nod, and Lollapalooza. I even started my own music review website, “Backstage All Access”.

Then, frustration with the state of the industry and the impending birth of my son made me take a step back for a while. I took commercial jobs and small portrait work but I missed the music and the adrenaline rush just as the lights go out and the band takes the stage. So I've gotten myself back on a credentialed media outlet and I'm putting together a group of like minded photographers to share their talents and knowledge. I've gotten back to my experimental roots as well with my new found love of infrared and full light spectrum photography. I'm also spreading my love of photography by teaching. And I've laid it all out for you here. Music and Art. It's not my complete catalog, but it's a lot.

Anthony Nowack
Oct. 2013
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